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MobiusRE Members have access to a broad array of essential Services – critical to the success of any Renewable Energy Project undertaking…whether the Member is an enterprise involved in the Development, Construction, Operation, or long-term Ownership, of Projects/Plants.

MobiusRE Certified Service Providers, are experts in their field, with top-notch Services that are specifically tailored for the special needs of the Renewable Energy Projects business.  MobiusRE Members independently review and choose from among Service Providers, in each major Service Category, and contract directly with the Service Provider(s) of their choice.

Many Mobius Certified Service Providers provide special Terms and Pricing arrangments for MobiusRE Community Members only – and also, from time to time, offer exclusive and valuable Promotional Offers to MobiusRE Members!

The potential success or failure of a Renewable Energy Project very often hinges on the quality of the Service Providers contracted by Developers and Investors.  This is especially true when Project acquisitions are being considered in international jurisdictions, where conditions on the ground (legal, regulatory, political, currencies, taxation) may be very different from those experienced in an organization’s “home turf”.

MobiusRE Certified Service Providers help to ensure that transactions can be entered into with confidence!

Major Service Categories Include:

  • Insurance – Property, Liability, Construction/Builder’s Risk, Business Interruption, Crime, Political Risk, etc.
  • Legal – Project Due Diligence, Contract Preparation/Review, Real Estate transactions, Land Leases, SPV Formation, Negotiation, Litigation, M&A, etc.
  • Taxation – Corporate Tax Strategies, Local Taxes, Value-Added Taxation, Dividend Strategies, Taxation associated with Acquisitions and Divestitures, etc.
  • Financing – Bridge Financing, Long-Term Debt, Leasing, Short-Term Loans (eg. VAT Loans), etc.
  • Currency Exchange – Major Transaction (Components and Assets) Exchange, Hedging, Dividend and other Disbursement Exchange, etc.
  • EPC Services – Engineering, Drawings,Procurement, Construction, EPCM Services, etc.
  • O&M Services – Operations, Maintenance, Cleaning, Monitoring, Security, Landscaping, etc.
  • Equipment Rentals – Cranes, Trucks, Skid-Steers, Portable Offices, Storage Facilities, Ramming, etc.
  • Human Resources – Project Employee Sourcing and Screening, Employee Benefits Programs (Life Insurance, Dental, Vision, Pension, Disability), Training, Payroll Services, etc.

Click on the icon to the left, to join the MobiusRE Member Community today, to get futher information on how your organization can benefit from the use of MobiusRE Certified Service Providers.  Every Project under development, and every Operating Renewable Energy Plant, needs to take advantage of the services provided by competent Independent Professionals.  Ensure the maximum possible success of your RE Project venture, by using MobiusRE Certified Service Providers.