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Pennsylvania Seeks To Add Nuclear To The AEPS

In an effort to prevent the “premature and permanent closure” of Pennsylvania’s nuclear power plants, State Rep. Tom Mehaffie, R-Dauphin, has introduced a bill that would add nuclear to the Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS).

According to Mehaffie, even though Pennsylvania’s nuclear power plants generate 42% of the commonwealth’s electricity and provide 93% of its zero-carbon electricity, nuclear has been excluded from Pennsylvania’s AEPS program, which currently recognizes 16 other forms of electricity generation.

AEPS requires that 18% of the electricity supplied by electric distribution companies and electric generation suppliers come from alternative energy resources by 2021.

Exelon Corp. has announced plans to shut down Three Mile Island (TMI) by September 2019, and FirstEnergy Corp. plans to shut down Beaver Valley Power Station in 2021 if “current market flaws” are not addressed.  According to Mehattie, “irreversible preparations” for the shutdown process at TMI would begin this June, adding to the urgency for a legislative remedy.