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Launching soon on the Waves Platform, MobiusCoin will be a cryptocurrency with a purpose!

After the ICO (see more information below), MobiusRE Members will be able to use MobiusCoins as a form of currency for the payment of goods or services sold/purchased from other MobiusRE Members.  MobiusCoin payments will be sent securely, using Blockchain technology, over the Waves decentralised exchange (DEX).

The world is full of digital tokens that do not actually have any real purpose or function – other than, seemingly, to enrich the people who issue them.  These Tokens are sold in an ICO, often over-hyped to enhance their orginal price, and then rapidly lose most or all of their orginal value…because nobody actually needs the Token to live or do buisness!

MobiusCoins are very different!

They are designed to perform an important function within two active systems of commerce, to be operated by Mobius Renewable Energy…the Mobius Group Purchasing Organization (a buying group for Solar Installers), and the Mobius Marketplace (an online consumer marketplace for energy producing, and energy saving, products).

Paying for Goods or Services using MobiusCoins will trigger discounts and loyalty rewards.  Accepting payments in the form of MobiusCoins will provide bonuses and rewards for Sellers and Service Providers. So…there will be an ongoing, and growing, demand for the Token which will help to retain and/or enhance its value over time.

Not only that…but MobiusCoins will be issued and operated as what is known as a Stable Coin, whereby a significant portion of the proceeds from the ICO will be retained bu the Company and invested in commodities (like gold, silver, fiat currencies and other assets) to insure that MobiusCoins always have a “minimum buy-back value”, that can be returned to MobiusCoin holders in the event that use of the currency is ever discontinued.

This “Buy-Back Fund” will be managed by third party professionals, and will be independently audited on a regular basis (additional information contained within the ICO materials).

Utility, stability and transparency…the hallmarks of any cryptocurrency that is actually built to have lasting value!

MobiusCoin Benefits, for MobiusRE Members:

  • Mobius Group Purchasing Organization (MGPO) Members will have the option of paying for their purchases from MGPO Suppliers and Service Providers (in full or in part) in the form of MobiusCoins.  When using MobiusCoins, MGPO Members will enjoy an automatic reduction of the MobiusCoins payable for the purchase – it’s like giving themselves another discount on top of the special prices already available from the MGPO Seller!
  • MGPO Suppliers and Service Providers, when they accept MobiusCoins for payment, will receive an automatic MobiusCoin bonus, based on the amount of MobiusCoins received (so, they receive an additional revenue boost, for the portion that is paid in MobiusCoins – over and above the negotiated/contracted price for the goods or services provided).
  • MGPO Members, as members of the Mobius Renewable Energy Installers Association, are entitled to a portion of the Administration Fees that are earned from MGPO Sellers and Service Providers (earned on an annual basis, in keeping with their purchase participation within the MGPO).  These amounts will be paid in the form of MobiusCoins – which can then be used for future MGPO purchases, or converted to cash on the DEX.
  • Special Note: The first 500 MGPO Members are entitled to receive a Registration Bonus of 250 MobiusCoins!

MobiusCoins and the Mobius Marketplace:

  • Slated to launch in the 2nd Quarter of 2020 (final launch date TBA), this online consumer “green products” marketplace will allow Buyers and Sellers to use MobiusCoins to pay for (all or part of) merchandise bought/sold on the MobiusMP platform (currently under development).
  • Buyers and Sellers will receive MobiusCoin incentives/rewards to use the currency for their transactions.

MobiusCoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO):

  • In order to create and circulate sufficient quantities of MobiusCoins, to meet the expected demand under the Mobius GPO and the Mobius Marketplace programs, we expect to conduct an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), during 2020 (dates TBA).
  • For further information on the ICO, please visit the MobiusCoin ICO pages.