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MobiusCoin ICO

MobiusCoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

  • Mobius Renewable Energy, Division MobiuSolar Corporation will conduct an ICO in order to create and distribute certain quantities of, and then provide a Blockchain transfer mechanism for, the cryptocurrency Token product known as MobiusCoin.
  • Certain human resource and/or service providers will acquire allotments of MobiusCoins, Pre-ICO, as partial or full payment for their work and other inputs (ICO Campaign Staff, Professional Service providers, etc.).  A specified quantity of MobiusCoins will be set aside for conveyance to MGPO Members (as a Registration Bonus).
  • A limited quantity of MobiusCoins will be made available, Pre-ICO, to MobiusCoin “Prime Dealers”, at a significant discount from the anticipated final ICO price for MobiusCoins.
  • The final ICO date will be fixed after the MGPO has achieved a total registration of 250 Members. This is to ensure that material commercial activity is being generated within the MGPO (and thus that commerical demand exists for MobiusCoins), prior to the ICO.
  • The actual ICO date will be approximately 3 months after the above-noted MGPO registration target is achieved.
  • Opportunities to purchase MobiusCoins for less than the currency’s target value (anticipated to be $1.00 USD/MobiusCoin) will be provided, once the ICO process begins, for a certain limited quantity of MobiusCoins designated as available for purchase by MobiusCoin “Charter Dealers” and “Wholesale Dealers”.
  • The ICO will be completed when the final quantities of MobiusCoins, designated for MobiusCoin “Independent Dealers”, are sold out.
  • A material percentage of the proceeds from the ICO will be set aside (and held in the form of fiat currencies, precious metals and other assets) to function as a partial financial underpinning of ongoing MobiusCoin market valuations (and to be retained in a permanent Buy-Back Fund).  Certain other proceeds will be used for internal operational purposes. Additional quantities of MobiusCoins will be issued at the time of the ICO, but not sold (held to support Member bonus and incentive programs, or as issued to founders and other key contributors).

What are the characteristics of MobiusCoins?

What MobiusCoins are:

  • MobiusCoins (after issuance) are Blockchain-based cryptocurrency Tokens available, and tradeable, on the Waves Platform DEX.  They are readily tradeable for other cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin, Etherium and others) or in exchange for certain “fiat currencies” (like US Dollars or Euros).
  • They are created by Mobius Renewable Energy, Division MobiuSolar Corporation (MobiusRE) as a Product to be sold to various levels of MobiusCoin Dealers who, in turn, will resell these Tokens to other Dealers, or Commercial Customers and Consumers, who need MobiusCoins to complete transactions on various MobiusRE platforms or within designated MobiusRE programs, so as to enjoy enhanced value, benefits or rewards.
  • These MobiusCoin digital-token-products, can be freely bought, sold and exchanged, on the Waves DEX, by MobiusRE Members, Customers, Sellers and the general public…whether or not for use within the MobiusRE commercial environment.  Supply/demand and other market conditions will determine the value of MobiusCoins at any given time prior to the completion of the ICO.
  • If for any reason, at some future date, the use and/or transfer of MobiusCoins is permanently discontinued, then-current owners of MobiuCoins will be entitled to receive a representative share of the then-current balance in the MobiusCoin Redemption Fund, in exhange for the MobiusCoin digital-token-products then held in their inventories, or in their possession.

What MobiusCoins are not:

  • MobiusCoins are not a Security, Stock Certificate, Bond, or Financial Instrument of any kind.  A MobiusCoin is not a fractional interest in, or frational ownership of, MobiuSolar Corporation or any other entity.
  • MobiusCoin owners are not entitled to share in the profits derived from the operations of MobiuSolar Corporation, any of its Divisions, any of its Subsidiaries, or any other entity.
  • MobiusCoin owners are not entitled to, or provided in any way, any periodic rate of return based on the quantity of the MobiusCoins in their possession.
  • MobiusCoins, as a resaleable Product, do not have any form of guaranteed minimum value at any time, nor are they guaranteed to generate profits of any kind for any MobiusCoin Dealer or owner, upon their sale. MobiusCoins are acquired by individual owners at a price determined to be fair by them at the time of purchase, and prospective owners do so with the full knowledge that they may ultimately make a financial gain on, may break even, may lose part of, or lose all of, the purchase price paid, dependent on market and other forces in play at the time of any future sale transaction.

Full details will be available in the MobiusCoin ICO Whitepaper coming soon !

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