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Project Investor: MobiusRE Certified Project Investors have exclusive access to MobiusRE’s growing portfolio of Solar, Wind, Hydro (and other) Renewable Energy Projects around the world.  MobiusRE Certified Project Investors can chose from Co-Development opportunities, Project Rights/Licenses for Ready-to-Build Projects, Turnkey Projects, and Operating Plants…ranging in size from 2 MW to 500 MW.  If you are a serious Renewable Energy Project Investor, you need look no further than the MobiusRE Global Hub.

Project Seller: MobiusRE Certified Project Sellers have the dual advantage of having their Project details held in the strictest confidence (not available to the Public, other Sellers, Intermediaries, or unqualified Buyers), while at the same time having their opportunity matched with the acquisition criteria of MobiusRE Certified Investors.  MobiusRE Certified Project Sellers never have their Properties “shopped around” through networks of Brokers – they are only shown to pre-qualified Certified buyers who are ready, willing and able to purchase their Project!

Project Intermediary: MobiusRE Certified Project Intermediaries are qualified, experienced and professional consultants who are under contract to represent the interests of either Renewable Energy Project Buyers or Sellers.  MobiusRE Certified Project Intermediaries are the “best of the best” in the RE Industry, and are bound by a common Professional Code of Conduct.  Register to become a trusted MobiusRe Certified Project Intermediary today, to increase your practice’s professional standing and reputation!

Service Provider: MobiusRE Certified Service Providers are key Professional Resources available to the MobiusRE Member Community…providing Insurance Products, Legal Advice, Taxation Guidance, EPC Services, O&M Services, Project Financing Solutions and more.  MobiusRE Certified Service Providers offer products and services tailored to the needs of the MobiusRe Member Community, including (in many instances) exclusive pricing and member benefit packages.  Register today to offer your valuable Services to the Mobius Renewable Energy business community!

GPO Member: MobiusRE Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Members enjoy the direct financial benefits of purchase discounts and rebates associated with placing their normal product and supplies orders with contracted MobiusRE GPO Suppliers.  Your Free GPO Membership entitles you to discounts and other financial benefits, on brand name products related to Solar, Wind, Geothermal and other RE installations (big or small), products related to Energy Saving/Retrofit Projects, general business Supplies, Services and more.  GPO Membership is open to all independent Renewable Energy Installers and Contractors.  Register as a MobiusRE GPO Member today, to instantly increase your business bottom line, through the power of group purchasing!