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During the 2nd Quarter of 2020, MobiusRE will be launching a specialty Green Products Consumer Marketplace – designed to be the leading one-stop shopping platform, for the purchase of Renewable Energy, Energy Saving, and Environmentally-friendly Products of all kinds!

Product Categories that will be featured include:

  • Solar Panels, Inverters and Accessories, for Residential use
  • Residential Wind Turbines and Related
  • Geothermal Energy Products
  • Battery Storage Systems
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Small Solar Appliances (Lamps, Fans, Radios, etc.)
  • Energy Saving Lighting Products (LED Products, Garden Lighting, Motion-triggered, etc.)
  • Energy Saving Appliances, Systems and Equipment (Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Smart Thermostats, Stoves, Windows, etc.)
  • Energy Saving Home Products (Weatherstripping, Insulation and Air-sealing Products)
  • Recreational Products (Portable Solar Generators, Solar Tents, Lamps, Flashlights, etc.)
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles and Equipment (Charging Stations, Solar Chargers, etc.)
  • Environmentally-friendly Household Cleaning, and other, Products

The Mobius Marketplace will be similar in function to online marketplaces that we are all familiar with…like eBay, Amazon and others…where Product and Service providers will join the marketplace as Sellers, and Consumers will register as Mobius Marketplace Members.  Members will then be able to search for “green” Products and Services, browse Seller’s stores – and then place orders directly from the Vendors.

Marketplace Members will be able to use trusted online payment options (like Paypal or Stripe), in order to complete their purchases.

Check back soon for updates on the Mobius Markeplace, including the anticipated launch date, “Grand Opening Specials” and other exciting news.

If you are a Manufacturer, Distributor, Dealer or Service Provider in one of the above Product Categories, and you would like more information about becoming a Seller on the Mobius Marketplace, please fill out the Contact Form below…and we will respond to you right away.

If you are a Consumer, and you have some ideas about other Products or Services you would like to see featured on the Mobius Marketplace – drop us a line, by filling out the Contact Form below.

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