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Ikea Tests Rooftop PV and Blockchain on Miniature Wooden Village

Flat-pack furniture giant IKEA has reinforced its renewables credentials, with a research project to demonstrate the advantages of combining rooftop solar with blockchain technology in energy communities.  The company’s Copenhagen research and design laboratory is carrying out ‘playful research’ project Solarville to demonstrate how small communities can have access to decentralized, affordable and accessible clean energy.

The project sees small solar panels and blockchain tech applied to a miniature wooden village built to 1:50 scale. Ikea said blockchain companies including Bloc, Blocktech, WeMoveIdeas India and Temporal are taking part, and their technologies were used to log and manage energy flow, verify and record transactions and self-execute functions under certain conditions.

The miniature wooden village is a working prototype wherein some households generate their own renewable energy using solar panels to capture the rays of an artificial sun extended above the installation,” the furniture giant said. “Other households automatically purchase the excess electricity generated in the community directly from the producer, using blockchain technology.

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