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It is said “there is strength in numbers”…and when it comes to purchasing the Products and Services that you need to profitably run your business, truer words were never spoken. As a small to medium-sized independent business involved in the construction, or installation, of “green” Projects and Products, you are up against bigger competitors who can demand lower prices and better terms – and you are in a constant battle to get your price-points into a range that cost-justifies your Customer’s decision to buy your Projects, Products or Services.



Membership in the Mobius Group Purchasing Organization (MGPO) gives you the opportunity to enjoy the pricing, and other financial benefits, that are normally reserved only for the largest Industry Players – by banding together with the rapidly growing list of Independent Contractors and Installers, who have joined the MGPO, and who – like you – are on the leading edges of the wave that is moving consumers and businesses toward a Renewable Energy (and more energy efficient) future.

By simply presenting your MGPO Membership credentials, at the time you request a quotation from any MGPO Certified Supplier or Service Provider, you will be tapping into the combined purchasing power of MGPO Members from across Canada, the United States and Europe.


Coming Soon! Currently under development, and scheduled to be available in January, 2020…as an MGPO Member, you will be able to log on to the private and secure MGPO online Commercial Marketplace to browse for the Products that you need for upcoming Installations; and to generate a Request-for-Quote (RFQ) for the requirement.  You will receive your RFQ reply online, and have the ability to then accept the quotation, and Checkout with your purchase.  Shipping and all other arrangements will then be handled by MGPO.

Stay tuned for more information, and updates!


Savings are available on Products ranging from Solar Panels, Inverters, Cables, Mounting Systems, Wind Turbines, Construction Tools and Supplies, General Business Supplies and more!  You will be very familiar with most (if not all) of the brands and organizations represented in the growing stable of MGPO Certified Suppliers…you likely deal with many of them already.

Special MGPO rates or arrangements are available on certain Legal Services, Accounting/Taxation Services, Financing Programs, Insurance Services, Group Benefits, Engineering Services, Electrical Contracting and others.


And…the more you buy from MGPO Certified Suppliers, at special discounted Group Prices, the more loyalty rewards you will earn in the form of MobiusCoins.  MobiusCoins can be used, like cash, on future purchases with any MGPO Certified Supplier!

Be among the first 500 Installers around the world to register as an MGPO Member, and receive a Registration Bonus of 250 MobiusCoins!  In addition to being able to use MobiusCoins for future MGPO purchases, this cryptocurrency will be tradeable online for other digital (Bitcoin, Etherium, etc.) and fiat (USD, EURO, CNY) currencies; after the MobiusCoin ICO.


MGPO Membership is FREE…it doesn’t get any better than that…and there are no purchasing quotas of any kind – in fact you are under no obligation to buy anything at any time.  But, as an MGPO Member, you will be able to command the pricing and terms commensurate with the combined purchasing power of the overal international group – so we are confident you will want to take advantage of the bottom-line-building benefits of Membership, as you conduct your business.  Take the first step toward a more profitable future, by joining today!