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Certification Levels

The MobiusRE Hub serves the needs of Renewable Energy commercial clients of many sizes and descriptions – from all around the world.  Many MobiusRE Certified Members are well known names within the Industry, and some are actually household names…prominent brand names that have universal recognition factor.

Some, however, are not so well known outside of their immediate circle of business contacts – some are even lesser known by design (for example – Private Family Funds, Project SPVs which are not “published” organizations, or professional Intermediaries who have Private Practices).

As a result, MobiusRE has developed a Member Certification Level system, that is designed to convey to Members the extent to which other Members have confidentially shared organizational details with MobiusRE (during and after Membership Registration)…such that MobiuRE can then assign a Certification Level, according to its standard criteria.

Members can think of these Certification Levels as a general “Trust Level”, or a general gauge of “Professional Standing/Confirmation”.

The MobiusRE Basic Member Registration Level, is assigned at the time that a Member completes and submits their Membership Registration on the MobiusRE Hub, and the Membership is approved.  In order to ensure the integrity of the MobiusRE Certification system, and to protect the proprietary information that has been entrusted to MobiusRE by its Members, we check the basic registration information submitted (and will follow up with the prospective Member as needed), to be sure that the prospective Member is engaged in a business which would qualify it as the “type” of Member it is applying to become.

So, even as a Basic Member, other Members are assured that they are dealing with a bonefide organization with credentials in the field that they represent.

The MobiusRE One Star Certification Level is achieved, for the various Membership types, when additional qualifying information is submitted, on a confidential basis, or when certain qualifying actions are taken by the Member.

In general, to achieve this level, Members will agree to abide by MobiuRE’s Standard Flat Transaction Fee Structure (or Referral Fees, as the case may be), designed to provide complete transparency with respect to Intermediary-related Fees, and to avoid misunderstandings or conflicts as Project-related activities get underway.  It is also at this stage that certain Member categories will be asked to provide Trade References, or to adhere to a Code of Professional Conduct.

The MobiusRE Three Star Certification Level is granted, varying by Membership type, normally when transaction-specific (or Project) information is provided.

This level is achieved, in general, when a Member has demonstrated (by virtue of documentation submitted, on a confidential basis, to MobiusRE) that they are authorized or empowered to conduct, or are capable of, the professional performance required to transact the specific (or type) of business activity that they have indicated they intend to engage in.  MobiuRE Members certified to this level can be considered to be “vetted” as generally responsible and competent potential transaction partners.

The MobiusRE Five Star Certification Level is reserved for those Members who, within their category have completed all steps, or provided all documentation, required to ensure that they are very capable and experienced, potential transaction partners for the type of business activity they have identified as being within their core competencies, and in keeping with the scope of the Project activities in which they intend to engage.

Five Star Certified Members can be considered to be representative of the “Gold Standard” in the Industry, within their areas of specialization, and for the quality of professionalism and capability that they will bring to table in their interactions with other Members of the MobiusRE Community.


Disclaimer: MobiusRE Division, MobiuSolar Corporation (the Company) provides its Membership Certification Levels, as a convenience to its Members, to be used as a general guideline when two Member Parties are considering dealing with each other for the first time.  MobiusRE Certification Levels are assigned based on the information provided to the Company by its Members, and on certain good-faith actions that they take after they become members.  The Company can not, and does not, guarantee the accuracy of the information that is provided to it by Members, upon which its Certification Level assignments are based, and any Member should only use MobiusRE Certification Level notifications communicated to it, as a general, and without warranty, guideline as to the standing and capabilities of a prospective transaction partner, introduced to it via the MobiusRE Hub and the Company.  All Members must conduct their own, independent, investigations, and complete their own Due Diligence, with respect to any prospective business partner introduced via the MobiusRE Hub, the Company, or by any other Member.  The Company accepts no responsibility for, and will not be held liable for any losses or damages suffered as a result of any interactions with, or transaction entered into, between its Members, or between a Member and any other Third Party, whether or not introduced through the MobiusRE Hub.