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There is a lot going on at Mobius Renewable Energy – and we need the best of the best to make it all happen!  But first off, before you go any further, to look at the opportunities that we currently have available, you should know…

At MobiuSolar Corporation, and within all of its Divisions and operations, we embrace what has become known as Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles (and why not try to substantially emulate the success formula used by the world’s largest Company)…Plus One.

What are these Principles?

Customer Obsession Ownership Invent and Simplify
Are Right, A Lot Learn and Be Curious Hire and Develop the Best
Insist on the Highest Standards Think Big Bias for Action
Frugality Earn Trust Dive Deep
Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit Deliver Results ??Plus One??

Learn more about these Leadership Principles here.

What is this “Plus One”?  We don’t know yet, because if has not been recognized, defined, refined and implemented by the Mobius Team – but it will be, with your help!

One more thing. We have identified a number of Human Resource Inputs (HRIs) that we require at this time (Career Opportunities, put another way), and you will find descriptions of these functions here and elsewhere on the MobiusRE Site.  But, these are not intended to be the definitive list of the HRIs that would benefit the Company, or the full list of endevours that should be undertaken to enhance our growth and effectiveness.

Let’s put it this way…at Mobius we do not believe that Management has a monopoly on brains.  We not only want – but we need – brilliant, capable, entrepreneurial and driven people to identify where they can augment what we are doing…what role they can and should be playing to maximize the potential for success of the organization.  In other words, we challenge you to identify a void that we should fill with you and your talents, to create and present your own Mobius Career Opportunity Definition  – and then get after it!